Understand & Beat Anxiety

How Anxiety Really Feels

Having anxiety can be frustrating, annoying and, sometimes, even scary.

In this article, I’ll help you understand what anxiety is, why you feel it and what you can do about it.

Isn’t it annoying when you have to do something that you KNOW is gonna suck? (Work, family obligations, being around certain people)
It’s frustrating to know that any minute now, you never know when your anxiety is gonna kick in.

Anything you’ve ever said or done that you later regretted … you can blame anxiety.

Blame EVERYTHING on Anxiety

Anxiety is responsible for most of the poor decisions we’ve made in our lives. From small decisions like saying something you regretted, to big decisions like taking a job you shouldn’t have taken or staying in a relationship that you know is long since over. 

Anxiety is responsible for our bad days, our nightmares and it’s the reason you ever feel lonely, scared or overwhelmed.

Whether you decide to move forward with me, on your own or with the help of someone else …. with a better understanding of anxiety, you’ll have some tools to minimize the “episodes” and help you break out of that funk you’ve been stuck in.

When it feels like you’re spinning your wheels, you keep moving and you’re exhausted, but your life doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, consider anxiety to be the culprit behind that feeling of being stuck. Like a hamster stuck on its wheel.

Anxiety is the reason you’re still at a job that you hate. It’s what keeps you stuck in a relationship that has evolved, or you’ve outgrown. It’s why you’re lonely, probably even when others are around you … I felt like I was destined to die alone. It keeps you stuck in grief, unable to move forward.

I’m here to convince you that YOU get to decide your life. Not the voices in your head that sound like your parents, your boss or teachers, not the government or the church … and most certainly NOT your anxiety.

Are You Open to A New Perspective of Anxiety?

Now that you understand all that you can blame on anxiety, Can you picture it as a person?

My intention is to teach you how to understand YOU. There is the anxious you and the REAL YOU! I want you to understand every aspect of you. 

How and why things work the way they do for you….and how to change what you want to change.

When you put off having conversations that you know will be hard to have: to break up with someone, to ask for a raise, to go to job interviews… I’m telling you to blame that on anxiety. What conversation are you putting off?

Maybe it’s a conversation with yourself?
• Have you been scolding yourself for not updating your resume yet to get out of this job you feel stuck in?
• Have you been asking yourself what’s wrong with you because it feels like nobody wants you around, or at least not the people you want to hang out with?
• Have you asked yourself why you keep feeling like a doormat, taken advantage of and all around taken for granted?

I’m giving you a glimpse into what was in my head for years before I know what I know now.

Maybe you’re not even consciously asking these questions of yourself. I’ll bet you are now. Do you dare answer them?

What is Anxiety?

You feel anxiety because you get a sense of the REAL YOU, and you hold yourself back from becoming it.

• When you have a fight with your significant other, you know things could be different
• When you feel bored, frustrated, even mad at work and you know your time could be so much better spent than wasting your time in a job that you know you won’t be in very long anyway
• When you come home, the kids are screaming or hiding, you’re doing chores and nobody’s helping. God help the first one who complains about anything. You know there are people who exist who would love to have your life. Right now, you’re just not that person (who wants your life)

Your emotions are going haywire. Your energy feels chaotic. You have no idea how to turn your energy around.

The universe talks to us all the time. We just don’t know how to hear it. We don’t know what it means. We don’t know how to feel about ourselves or our lives.

Anxiety is just your energy flowing in a negative direction. Inspired action is how things happen in the way you want them to.

Everything we do with each moment leads to something in a future moment. Will you be happy, or will you regret what you did with this moment?

Our Emotions are a Gift

Isn’t it amazing? We have that chance at every moment… to change what we do with the moment, to change the direction of that energy. I want to teach you how to OWN each moment. 

Anxiety is what you feel when you’re disconnected from THAT. When you’re not aligned with YOU in your highest vibration. That’s your Inner Being. I call it your Self.

Instead of owning your anxiety like you do now, you’ll learn how to own your power instead.

You feel anxiety when you’re literally anxious to become the future version of you. You’re in a hurry to get to a future moment in your life that you know for sure is coming. Your struggle is with owning this moment. Whether you’re frustrated, annoyed, pissed or full of regret, resentment or even physical pain.

Anxiety manifests itself physically, too, in so many ways. Those are clues we’ll look at.

The universe whispers a message to you with an uncomfortable feeling, maybe a knot in your stomach, a dream or signs, such as things that seem like a coincidence or ironic.

That might be a signal to stop and think about a decision you have ahead of you, a moment you could own. (Helpful hint: refusing to make a decision is a decision of its own. It says I don’t want the responsibility of making this decision, so you continue to live with anxiety.)

We play out a story in our head that makes it scarier than it has to be. 

Letting the REAL YOU Emerge (Moving Past the Anxiety)

Are you putting someone else’s needs or feelings ahead of your own? You’re telling your Self that you’re less important than they are. Hence, the anxiety.

Is someone else’s opinion of you more important than your own? What makes their opinion more important than yours? What doubts do you have in yourself that you need someone else’s validation to make decisions that are yours to make?

What are facts and what are opinions? Most of the things that you think are fact are actually someone’s opinion: a diagnosis, a ruling from a judge of any kind or even a group. Not just in courthouse but what about in a church? What are you calling fact that may actually be someone’s opinion? And that opinion may be different than yours. That’s ok. Have your opinion and own it.  

Are you hiding your opinions and ideas on something that you feel passionate about? What judgments do you fear will be made of you? (Reveals what you judge yourself based on)

If or when you don’t listen to the whispers, the universe gets a little louder, manifesting more of what you don’t want. Whether it’s tension or knots in certain areas of your body, aches and pains, headaches and shortness of breath, maybe even heart palpitations. That’s when you feel like you’re having a panic attack. Now we’re moving on from an annoying ache to being scared you could have a heart attack.

Did you see how the momentum works? The longer anxiety hangs around, the more anxiety builds.

This is all my own perspective. A therapist will give you a chemical reason for anxiety. Your body produces different chemicals with different emotions. That’s how they prescribe medications. Medications may help get us over some humps that feel unbearable. If you’re already on medication, I would not tell anyone to stop taking medication without their doctor knowing about it.

Taking Medication for Anxiety

My own opinion is that the medical profession places way more emphasis on medication than on healing. I am not against medication, I just believe it should be a tool, not a life sentence. Supplemented with coaching or therapy, the medication should be a temporary tool, not a way of life.

There is no shame in seeking help in managing feelings that you don’t know what to do with. I’ve taken medication myself many years ago. It worked great for when I needed it, but my healing journey is what changed everything for me and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.  

Thank You

I do what I do because I want to make an impact in people’s lives. If you’re open to getting to know each other, I want to invite you to schedule a call with me.

When you schedule that call, you’ll be sent a brief questionnaire that will help me get to know you a little before we even talk. 

This will help us make this call as effective and productive as possible. When you schedule your call, please pick a time that you can be ready and fully present in our conversation.

My intention is to help you understand the messages the Universe is sending you, to guide you through your own journey with a different energy than you’re feeling, to creating for yourself the life that YOU want.

Nobody knows what goes on inside you but you. I want to inspire you to love yourself and your life. 

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