To End All Wars

What is focused on grows.

I don’t worry about wars. I do my best not to worry at all, but if I do, I worry about the people who worry about wars.

What if people forgot to worry about wars that have nothing directly to do with them?

People will argue that wars affect the economy and other aspects of our lives, but why?

What if millions of people got so distracted with living their own lives, not watching the news, but living their passions and loving their lives, that the wars lost their momentum? At this point war is nothing but a game of chicken. Who is willing to sacrifice more to make their point?

  • We are stronger than you!
  • We are better than you!
  • We are holier than you!
  • We were here first!
  • Our toys (bombs) are cooler (more powerful) than your toys!

I had a best friend for over 30 years who I met when I was in the 5th grade. We were 10 years old. I had never sworn in my life, at this point and she came up to me at school and said she wanted to meet in the playground. She was gonna kick my ass because, “I heard you called me a bitch!”

Someone had started that rumor to egg something on, no doubt. I never put much energy into finding out who. I suppose I could thank them because, like I said, we ended up being best friends for over 30 years. She was godmother to my kids when they were little. Her family adopted us into theirs and invited us to all the family functions. Thanks to her and her family, my kids had some idea what another kind of family feels like.

War is bullying, nothing more.

It’s the deadliest kind because it’s grownups playing with lives and calling it patriotic. Demanding loyalty … and getting it from the people who feel they have no say in the matter. People put themselves in the line to save others in hopes of being a hero to someone. My brother served and stayed in the army and volunteered to work the holidays because he wanted to make the sacrifice so that someone who had kids and a family could get the holidays off.

I love his intention, but if he would’ve gotten hurt, it would be anger I’d feel, and my sadness would be for humanity, not necessarily for him.

There is nothing but negative emotions that keeps wars going strong.

My poem opens with the line, “I dream of a perfect world where the wars have all ended and weapons have been obsolete for years.”

We have been programmed, as a society, to need to know what’s going on in a war. Why?

Is there anything you can do to save all those lives? Did you know any of these people before you heard that they died for your country? Why were they so starved for affirmation that they had to give their life for you? What was their life worth to you?

Live your life, day by day.

Love people. Listen to and learn from people. Earn your money creating more positive momentum in this world. Turn off the news and find your passion instead.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, find what you do want and start living that! Share your passions. Share who you are.

That’s how you could end all wars. To stop focusing on anything, you must distract yourself with something else. There’s no room for negative thoughts where positive thoughts prevail.

I do what I do to end all wars and perpetuate positive energy. How you feel is your choice. Your emotions come from your thoughts. If you don’t like how you feel, change the way you think. It’s not easy when you have negative emotions to work through, but shifting your own energy shifts the energy that affects everyone.

The World I See Begins with Me …. I choose the energy I want to project into the world. I focus on what I CAN do, instead of things I can’t control. I teach others how to do the same to generate more positive energy and dissipate the negative.

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