Stressed Out Mom Syndrome

Second Guessing Yourself?

You second guess every decision you make when it comes to your kids. Was that the best way to handle that? Did I scar them for life? How will they remember me when ‘m gone? How will they remember what they learned from me, as they go through life and face their own challenges? Will they be confident, or have I passed my own insecurities along onto the next generation?

Worried about the Future?

You worry about how they’ll grow up. What kind of world are we leaving them? You wish you could enjoy these years more because, logically, you know that you’ll miss this later…. But when the baby’s colicky or when you have troublesome teenagers, it’s hard to enjoy the right now. It’s hard to imagine that one day, feeling like this… is what you’ll miss?

Feeling Guilty?

You feel guilty for wanting time for yourself or doing anything for yourself. You wish you could take all their pain away. At the same time as being anxious for them to grow up and not need you, … when they don’t need you anymore… then what? When do you get YOUR time? What do you even do with time that you can steal? When do you get to chase YOUR dreams?

Lost Your Confidence?

When was the last time you felt sexy? Have you forgotten how to be sexy because you’re too busy being a mom? Does being a mom interfere with your love life, your work life? How can you be confident in one thing and feel so unsure in another?

I raised my kids according to the what-not-to-do’s I learned from my parents. I know what worked, what I would’ve done differently and why.

Want to Start Thriving?

I have the hindsight you want. My kids are grown. I want to give you that gift. Let’s figure out what could be different.


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