Spiritual Guidance

Struggling with Belief?

No matter what religion you subscribe to, you were raised to believe one thing but struggle to accept certain parts of that religion. Most people struggle to make peace with this incongruence in their heart.

You want to believe, you want to belong, you enjoy being a part of something bigger than you, you want to give back and be a good [insert religious affiliation here].

Looking for Acceptance?

You deny parts of you for fear that God will not accept you as you are. Even if God does, what if the congregation doesn’t? You want to love yourself as God loves you but what about this or that? How could God love such an abomination of His love?

What About My Eternal Soul?

You want KNOW you’re going to Heaven. You want to one day know you’ll rejoin ones you’ve lost. You want all the glory that is promised to you as the eternal soul you’ve been told that you are.

How much thought have you given to what your soul is doing while you’re still living? How much of your living time is passing you by while you worry about what will happen when you’re gone?

Your body is only a physical vessel. It wears out over time and use. What do you need it for after you’re gone? What do you expect others to do with it long after your soul has moved on? How are you treating it now?

Need Guidance to Your Answer?

Allow me to help you understand your struggle and help you make peace with ALL of you. You’re not wrong in anything you believe. I’m not here to convince you of anything, I’m here to help you explore. When they say God is within you, it leaves you confused because you don’t understand how to connect with that part of you.

You have so many questions. Let me help you find the answers.


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