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Make THE Decision
You know something’s gotta change, but you have no idea where to start!

Whether it’s your relationship or lack thereof, your job or career, your health, your family or your sanity, something feels off and you feel like nothing’s ever going to change…. Or, you know it will, but you’d really like to speed things along.

Law of Attraction is the reason things haven’t gotten better. Momentum is created no matter which way we feel. Law of Attraction brings us more reasons to feel the way we feel.
In fact, things may be getting worse, and you’d hate to see how much worse things can get. What if you knew exactly how it worked and how to change that momentum? What if you felt good and attracted more reasons to feel good?

You're stuck where you are because you don't understand how you got there.
Are you ready to get on with your life?
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Here’s how it works:

You tell me what’s going on in your life today and how you feel about it. Then, we’ll talk about the life you could be living if you could get your head together.
We’ll talk about how ready you are to see something change, as well as what scares you about it. We’ll talk about where your fears come from and what draws you to the life you imagine.
Now that we know how ready you are or what you’re not ready for, you can decide how much you can handle and how fast or slow you want to go. This is YOUR journey. I'm only a guide.

You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be!
Newsflash: Despite what your parents, teachers, peers, marketing and society have told you, not everyone finishes school, has a career, gets married, has kids, gets old or gets unhealthy by any certain age. Contrary to what your emotions have you believing, there’s NOTHING wrong with you.
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What’s Gonna Happen if We Work Together?
You’ll find yourself challenging yourself instead of other people… winning your own challenges, beating your old scores, and attracting a higher quality set of peers.

You'll find that you are closer to your goals than you think. You'll find appreciation in every day and ways to make everyday better than yesterday.
You’ll realize what you’ve been holding onto and why. Most importantly, you'll learn how to let things go with the least amount of discomfort. The next chapter doesn’t begin until you close this chapter!
How Long Will This Take?
You set the goal. I teach you how to live with the intention of reaching that goal. You decide when your close enough to who you want to become.

The only constant in life is change. We are ever-evolving. As we get closer you may decide that's not enough, you want to go farther.

Or you may decide you've reached your goal, thank me for my services and get on with your new life.
Your commitment is to yourself. My intention is for you to not “need” me anymore.

Instead of WHAT to think, I teach you HOW to think for yourself, make decisions for yourself, set boundaries for yourself, and make no apologies for being who you are.
Discover your own superpowers, knowing how to apply them to live the life of your dreams. Are you there yet?
On-Going Maintenance
Many of my former clients are close friends of mine now. I love the irony in that, don’t you?

Stay in touch. Meet other clients. Continue sharing of your journey by sharing the stories of your manifestations.

Network to help each other find more solutions and stay connected.

Group coaching, first dibs and discounts on other services as they become available. Stay on as long as you like.

I can help you with

Anxiety or Depression
Stressed Out Mom Syndrome
Career Burn-Out
Stressed Out Mom Syndrome
Fear of Failure
Grief or Loss
Looking for (the Right Kind of) Love
Life Transition
Spiritual Guidance​
Spiritual Guidance

Make the Decision

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