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My passions are freedom, healing, growth and abundance. Those are the conversations that light me up.

Understanding Law of Attraction has changed my life. I raised my kids teaching them The Serenity Prayer. It was my way of teaching them gratitude, but I didn’t learn until later the importance of what I taught them.

Accept the things you cannot change. Have courage to change the things you can….and the wisdom to know the difference.

This, essentially, IS the Law of Attraction.

I cannot change how others feel, what others see or much of what is. I spent most of my life trying to make everyone happy, fixing their problems and alleviating their stress. I would take on bills that weren’t mine to pay. Take care of people who were not my responsibility. Tackle problems, not knowing how, but wanting to fix whatever was troubling them.

My energy was a mess because I took on everyone else’s negativity. When someone was stressed, I wanted to fix whatever was stressing them. Then felt guilty when I couldn’t or when a different problem would appear.

I was spending time with people who only saw problems and couldn’t find solutions. People who felt helpless in their own lives and felt like no one cared, I wanted to prove that someone cared enough to listen to their problems. If no one else would listen, I would listen to all their problems and step in, whether they wanted me to or not.

Like energy attracts like.

I was looking for problems to solve, so I found all the problems. (Seek and ye shall find)

I didn’t know how to say no without feeling guilty. This is the energy I was putting out, so that’s what I was attracting. Solutions seemed so simple to me. Instead of getting frustrated with them, I’d solve their problems for them….so they came back when they had another problem. I felt needed. I felt like I served a purpose in their life, but this was exhausting.

I’ve heard the terms “energy vampire”, toxic people, or just plain childish.

Soon after, our relationships turned “toxic” because I was solving everyone’s problems but my own. My problem was my energy.

I was holding resentments for all the people that took advantage of my want to feel needed, for any time I was put in a position where I felt like I “had to be the bitch” in relationships that had outlived their time and it was time to move on, jobs that took advantage of my want to succeed.

People would tell me they appreciated that I could always find a way, a silver lining in every situation, but no one asked how or why. They weren’t ready to know or do their personal work to get there. That’s what I didn’t understand at the time.

I took it personally that they didn’t listen or follow my example. They just kept taking advantage, as I saw it…. until I learned to say no.

I know people who would try to convince others of how honest they were. I never claimed to be honest because I felt like a liar.

At work, I would tell my boss I was sick so I could use the sick days instead of all my vacation time. I would say I had plans to avoid people or situations that I found mentally or emotionally exhausting.

I wasn’t a fan when I first heard it, but, apparently, “NO” is considered a complete sentence. Of course, for me it’s no, thank you. LoL.

A job was great for me while my kids were growing up. It provided the security I wanted while raising my kids as a single mom, and I appreciated having the insurance. I could count on a paycheck twice a month, so I knew my bills were paid. I was good at my job, and I felt appreciated for what I knew. I felt like I knew what I was doing, and I enjoyed what I was doing (on most days).

When my kids turned “of age” and I started looking for, and finding, my own identity, I started realizing I had my own dreams to pursue, and the job was getting in the way of that.

They were paying for my time (much less than it was worth) but when I realized the value of my time, a job was no longer the place for me, unless it was on MY terms.

In a recent job that I held, when the company tried to infringe on MY time is when I decided it’s time to move on.

My time is priceless to me.

I’ve spent enough of my time building other people’s dreams, whether in a job or trying to help someone.

I manifested the freedom I’ve always wanted by realizing what my time is worth to me. Not by chasing dollars, like I’d done for so many years before, but by realizing my passion and creating the job that works best for me.

Our job as humans, is to feel good. To work through negative emotions so we can let it go and accept what we cannot change. My job, now, is to teach how to change what you can (which is how YOU feel), and to share “the wisdom”, now that I know the difference between what I can change and what I can’t.

Today, I know the right questions to ask: “How does this affect me (and my life)?” and “What energy am I attracting?” Now times that used to be stressful reveal to me how to “fix” what’s going on with me and my energy.

For help understanding your life and your energy, and to learn how to say no when something doesn’t align (without feeling guilty), book a call here (insert link).

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