Own Your Power

Own Your Power

Everything you’ve ever wanted awaits you in your vortex. Let’s call your vortex another realm.

It’s a world in which, every time someone was mean to you, and you wished people were nicer, that’s where the nice people live. That’s where people treat you the way you want to be treated.

Every time you said you wished you had the money to afford something, that’s where the money appears. Imagine how much money sits in your vortex.

Every time you wished someone cared about you, wanted to help you or would listen to you wanting to understand you, that’s where those people are.

When you’ve felt trapped in any way and wanted to feel free from whatever was holding you hostage, that freedom is in your vortex.

Have you ever felt your vortex?

It’s when you feel high on life. When you’re in love. When you’re having an adventure. When I drive, I’m often in my vortex. I feel free. I feel powerful. I feel like I’m living in the future, where I’ve seen what can happen and I know what man can do. I’ve seen the world grow in my lifetime. I’ve seen messes cleaned up and humankind moving in the right direction. The world may be in chaos in your eyes, but YOUR world can be peaceful and thriving.

Have you ever visited your vortex? I’ll bet you have more times than you realize.

When have you felt like the luckiest person in the world? When have you realized how much worse things could have been, but they weren’t because you’re you. Instead of thinking about the abuse, have you considered how it became your past and not your present? How did it become a part of your history instead of who you are?

Were you abused as a child? Were you raised by horrible people? Did you suffer at the hands of someone who held power over you? Were you victimized by anyone in any way? Are you still a victim?

The abuse may have stopped. The war may be over. The past is in the past, but if it still affects you today, then they still hold power over you. You’re still a victim of your life even though those days have long since passed.

Who benefits from holding a grudge?

Your energy still attracts the same situations as long as you hold that grudge. What patterns have you found? What situations does your energy attract?

Do you find yourself in precarious situations?

Look for patterns. What keeps showing up in your existence? Those are clues into where your energy is focused.

My client had an epiphany tonight. She finally found a love that she appreciates after abuse after abuse after abuse. She has a roommate now who, she just realized is her relationship with her original abuser, just in a different form. She keeps attracting the same type of situation.

When she was 9 was the last time that her abuser could hurt her. That was the day, she came into her power, but she didn’t realize that, until now. Since then she has been in situations and relationships that were similar, but they were not her abuser. They were law of attraction revealing to her where her energy was focused and where she could adjust it.

She kept meeting the same type of man, repeating the same cycle, even though her original abuser was out of the picture, after all the damage he had done, she couldn’t let go of the resentment she felt for him. She wouldn’t forgive. She held onto that anger and the pain he had caused. She wasn’t ready, but today was different.

Today she owned the power she found when she was 9. She realized the power she has over her own energy. She let go of her anger and realized her vortex. She found her freedom in that vortex. She found her true self in that vortex. She has direction. She has plans. Opportunities appear and today she has options.

I look forward to seeing where her journey takes her and see what unfolds for her over the next few months. She is one the most driven people I know, she has the connections, the vision, the possibilities are endless….and I get to witness her journey and guide her if/when she needs it.

This is why I do what I do.

This is what thrills me, to join someone in their growth. As they grow, I grow. My dream was to know that I matter, to know people care and want to hear what I have to say. They don’t have to agree with me, but my opinion is respected and sought after.

I help people find themselves. This is my power. I own it. What’s yours?

Where you’ve felt like a victim is likely where your power is. In those stories that you hide from, the ones you don’t really speak of. Tell those stories. Find the patterns. Hear what the universe has been trying to tell you.

Be mad. Be sad. Be disappointed or frustrated. Whatever the emotion, own it. It’s YOU. But look at it objectively and find the power that story holds. Be an observer of your life and take time to reflect. Not in judgment, but in learning. What can you learn from your own story?

Your past holds the answers. Your future holds possibilities.

Your power is in this moment. What are you going to do with it? Will you stress yourself out trying to prove to someone that you’re good enough? Or will you enjoy the moment and revel in the gratitude, being thankful for the life and journey you’ve had because that’s what brought you here today?

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