Looking for (the Right Kind of) Love

What is Love?

Love, as grand and amazing as it is or can be, has a bad reputation when you don’t understand it.

  • Love hurts
  • Love makes you do crazy things
  • Love always ends up in heartache
  • Love feels confusing and makes you stupid
  • It never lasts

How much easier would your life be if love was a simpler subject?

How to Find Love?

What if you could attract the love you want? What if you could talk to your partner about anything that was bothering you, even if it’s about them?

What if love felt as good as you’ve always thought it should? Would you even recognize it if it wasn’t complicated?

You can’t change other people, their opinions, their feelings, or their experiences. What are you hoping they’d say to make everything ok? Own your wants without desperation.

You can’t change anything about them to make you feel better? It’s not up to them to make you feel better. What can you change about you? What can YOU do to make you feel better about you?

Where Do I Start?

Close your eyes and envision the person that IS you. The YOU at your best, looking your best, feeling your best, loving yourself and content with your life. What is the difference between that person and who you are now?

Would you have to lose or gain weight? Is there a difference in attitude? Get to know the YOU in the mirror. Get busy doing that so you don’t have time to worry about what anyone else is doing, thinking, or saying.

Fall in love with YOU so you can attract the love you’re seeking, the love you deserve.

With one call, you’ll understand why love doesn’t feel like it should to you and what to do about it.


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