Invest In Yourself

What Does Investing in Yourself Mean?


The first thing that comes to mind. How much is too much? How much is too cheap, affecting quality? What exactly are you paying for when you say investing in yourself?

Everything I spend money on contains energy. How does it make me feel? Does it remind me of someone’s love? Does it make my life easier? Does it make me feel pretty or help me have fun?

We pay for taxes, utilities, merchandise or someone’s time, skills and experience. What kind of energy does your money hold?

When I studied minimalism, I realized that most of what I owned or had paid for was to impress others or make others more comfortable in my life. The energy around my money was rarely my own.

You’re paying for results. What’s the result they’re promising? What are the chances that you’ll get the result they’re promising?

Do you trust their opinions, their ideas, their character? Do your research. Check reviews. Ask around. Most importantly, listen to your gut.

How much are those results worth to you?


How much energy do you spend worrying about, working for or supporting other people?

When you have a moment of alone time, are you reflecting on your day, your life, yourself? Or are you finding ways to distract yourself from all that by consuming more to concern yourself with?

Our lives provide plenty of distraction, as well as plenty of more influence to take you in directions that may or may not be in your best interest.

  • We can watch the news and concern ourselves with everything going on in the world.
  • We can meddle in other people’s lives. Gathering information so we can form an opinion about something that has no bearing on our lives whatsoever.
  • We can support others in their quests and causes.
  • We can entertain ourselves to pass the time: TV, movies, books, sports, video games.

How is today different than yesterday? How much thought have you given to tomorrow? Are you living your life or are you living vicariously through characters and stories? What do you think your tomorrow will look like?

How much energy do you invest in yourself?


You could be anywhere you’re supposed to be on the phone the whole time. When you’re at home, are you thinking about work? When you’re at work, are you thinking about your personal affairs?

This goes along with the energy because to be somewhere physically doesn’t mean you’re valuing your time.

  • When you’re spending time with your loved ones, what are you thinking about?
  • Taking a break at work is revealing. Are you spending the whole break wishing your break was longer or wishing you were anywhere else?
  • What do you do when you have a moment to yourself?

How much time do you invest in yourself?

Take the time to let your heart smile. Enjoy the moment that you’re in. Without planning for the next or reminiscing about the past, how much time do you spend inside your own mind and heart? Appreciating life. People and events that have come together to help you become who you are today.

My Promise

I offer as much time and energy as you are willing to spend on yourself.

My Story

I spent years investing more time and energy in others than I did on myself until I did the inner work I speak of. I took care of everyone else and had nothing left for myself.

This story almost went a different way when I ran out of money and almost ended up homeless, as well as my kids and the friends I had living with me.

In another version of this story, I could have ended up a lonely old lady in a rocking chair on the porch of the house I couldn’t let go of.

Other versions had me dead at several different ages. I can’t believe now at 51, how young I feel while others the same age as me feel so old.

These are the visions I had of what my life would become.

I felt like a prisoner of the life that I had built. It was a decent life, but it was destined to spiral downhill. I figured it all out after I sold the house, fell in love and watched most of my childhood dreams come true.

I couldn’t know I’d be here today until I knew how I got here.

I’ve had bouts of both good luck and bad luck throughout my life. Different parts of my life felt great as others, not so much. My son thinks I’m one of the luckiest people in the world because he sees good things happen for me and believes he has horrible luck.

By here, I don’t mean physically here. I’m referring to where I am emotionally. Understanding Law of Attraction has empowered me to create my own life. I am no longer a hostage of the life I thought I’d been given.

Feeling free has created this life of freedom. Learning what and how to let go is what allowed me the freedom I have today.

Knowing who I am allows me to be my own best friend. I will never be lonely again because I know how to and appreciate the time I give myself.

As I released the resistance and started allowing goodness into my life. I fell in love with my life, then fell in love with my now-husband (again).

I see people feel stuck or worse, feeling scared. Not knowing what’s coming, being scared to change anything, I wish I could share what I know with everyone.

We pay for what we don’t want to or can’t do ourselves.

A business gets too big for one person to handle all that it requires with only 24 hours available in any given day, so they pay for other people’s time to do what they are willing to delegate so the business can continue to grow.

That’s what jobs are. You are recruited to help build someone else’s dream. They built a business to follow their dream. Now they need your knowledge and experience to build it up bigger and make a bigger impact in whatever way they strive.

That was fine for me before I knew what my dreams were. While I was working all the random jobs, I gained all the skills I have now. I learned everything I know about business. The security of knowing I had a check coming and I’ll be able to pay my bills helped me through the years I was raising my kids and taking care of myself (and anyone else I was helping financially).

My Dream

I wrote a poem years ago that has become my personal mission statement. It’s a vision of a world that once was and I believe can be again, only better.

Understanding Law of Attraction enables me to see a path to creating this world. By helping people understand how their negative energy is perpetuating all the things they fear and how to shift their energy, I’m replacing negative energy with positive and building my dream of creating this world. I’m changing the world one person at a time.

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

Learning how to get paid was my biggest challenge until I did the inner work and realized the value of my time.

I had spent years and thousands of dollars building other people’s dreams, believing and supporting them, to the point of bankruptcy and, almost homelessness.

This industry is weird to me. I grew up in a life where people got paid for their time. Someone (their boss) decided how much their time was worth.

Some people charge for projects. As they price out the job, they consider how long to complete the project. The faster they get it done, the more valuable their time appears to be.

The main reason we get stuck in any emotional state, not knowing how to move past it: fear of change.

We fear change when our energy is off because are focused on the worry that what’s to come may be worse than what is now. When energies are aligned, you expect life to get even better… and it does.

Invest in yourself and learn how to know your future …because you’re creating it.

Book a call and let’s find out what life could have in store for you … and how to attract it sooner than later.

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