Grief or Loss

What Do You Do Now?

What are you gonna do without them? They were your life, your purpose for living. Who will you turn to when you miss them most? How do you get on with your own life?

Take a few moments to listen to that inner voice. The voice that you try so hard to shush. The one that tells you everything you’ve done wrong and everything you’ve ever screwed up. The voice that reminds you of every poor decision you’ve ever made and tells you what a horrible person you can be sometimes.

Without judgment, what are you criticizing yourself for?

Feeling Misunderstood?

Everybody says you should be over it already. What’s wrong with you?

Be mad. Be sad. Be disappointed or frustrated. Whatever the emotion, own it. It’s YOU. But look at it objectively and find the power that story holds. Be an observer of your life and take time to reflect. Not in judgment, but in learning. What can you learn from your own story?

Your past holds the answers. Your future holds possibilities. Your power is in this moment. What are you going to do with it? Do you stress yourself out trying to prove something to someone? Or can you enjoy the moment and revel in the gratitude, being thankful for the life and journey you’ve had because that’s what brought you here today.

Ready to Start Moving On?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You will heal in YOUR time, not on anyone’s schedule but your own. Whether it’s a fresh wound or one that seems like it could never heal, I can help you heal quicker. One coaching call and I’ll tell you how it feels to move on.

Learn how to peacefully close one chapter of your life to make room and open your possibilities up for the next chapter. Let’s find out what’s next in store for you.


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