Grateful’s and Proud’s

Gratefuls and Prouds

Homework assignments:

  1. Every morning, write 3 things you’re grateful for.
  2. Every night before you go to bed, write 3 things you’re proud of.
  3. The rule on both is NO REPEATS. Once you use it, you can’t ever use it again.

The point of the Proud’s is to create the habit of showing yourself how capable you are. The point of the Grateful’s is to help you realize how powerful you are.


A mother feels proud as she watches her child graduate with honors. Her heart flutters with excitement but, often she doesn’t even realize how much “universal” power she could claim from that moment if she could just own her role.

Who she’s proud of is herself for being such a good mom and raising her child to achieve the result she wanted to see. SHE manifested that moment! If it were not for her, that moment could never have happened.

What moments have you manifested? What could not have happened if you were not involved? THOSE are your Prouds. That’s what I want you to OWN!

We do those at night because, at first, it’s hard to OWN those moments. It feels awkward. It’s uncomfortable. We’ve been taught to not brag. Why not, I ask? We’ve been taught what to think and how to feel long enough. This uncomfortableness is the work we do to “get out of our own way”.

It may be easier to start small, like “I’m proud that I checked off all the things on my to-do list today.” Then, make a to-do list and check things off of it. There you have some proud’s.

That sounds childish, I know. We’re doing what we can to “overcome” the uncomfortableness.


Your heart beats, your blood flows, the sun comes up every day, the moon comes out every day, without you having to do anything. You get to reap the benefits, but all you have to do is live your life. What else happens FOR you? When have you been lucky? What’s ever gone right for you in your life?

A grateful heart attracts more to be grateful for.

Seek (what to be grateful for) and ye shall find. Once you start looking for signs of how lucky you are, more signs will show up.

Every morning, you start fresh. Your vibration “clears” itself, so to speak. Line up YOUR energy before you check texts or emails. Thinking of what you’re grateful for, creates the momentum you want for your energy.

As soon as you check texts or emails, you’re allowing other people’s energy to affect yours. You’re allowing work, your boyfriend, your family, doctors, or whoever else to “stress you out”.

Before you know it, you’ll notice the texts and emails to be good news instead of stressful news. You’ll notice how you’re allowing your life to run you instead of you living your own life and you’ll realize what to do about it.

And, since you’re doing the Proud’s, you’ll feel powerful enough to do what your gut tells you. You’ll find yourself taking more chances and reaping the benefits. You’ll say what you’ve been wanting to say for a long time. You’ll do what your heart’s been telling you, but you were afraid of what might happen.

These exercises are to create new habits of thinking.

Instead of the old, programmed thinking that holds us back by telling us what’s ok and what’s not, how to think and what to stress about, we are focusing inward and teaching ourselves how worthy and capable we are.

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