Find Your Resistance

Find Your Resistance

What reasons do you give yourself that explain why you’re not where you want to be? Is there a medical diagnosis? Will someone disapprove of something? Were you brought up in a way that you can’t see yourself becoming one of “those” people?

Do you hold animosity toward people in the situation you want to be in?

Do you crack jokes about people in love? Do you wonder how he got her, or she landed him? Are you jealous? Are you bitter? Do you wish that could be you?

What does it mean to be genuinely in love? …….to want nothing more than to see the person in your focus happy and content.

If their happiness has nothing to do with you, are you still happy for them?

If they never saw you or had anything to do with you again, but you know that they’re happy, are you still happy for them? Or is there some resentment that you don’t get any credit for their happiness? Could you still love them unconditionally?

How do you feel about rich people? There is truth behind every joke. Do you assume it’s either family money or they were somehow unethical in how they got so rich? Do you judge them on how they spend their money?

If you’re holding a negative view of the person you want to become, you will repeatedly sabotage yourself because you don’t want to be the butt of your own jokes. Would you want to become someone unethical, reliant on family or be at the mercy of someone else’s rules of how to spend your money?

Would you want to be one of those annoyingly in love people who talk about nothing but their partner or the butt of someone else’s jokes?

Has a doctor told you that you’d never be, do or have something, like a normal life? Maybe your teachers or your parents have told you that you’d never amount to what you want.

Who are these people that are deciding your fate? You get to decide who you are!

You’re not who you were yesterday.

You never will be again.

Unless something changes, then tomorrow you’ll be the same as you are today. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.

Are you spending your time consuming more information or are you doing something with the information you already have?

What do we know so far?

We know all the reasons other people believe you can’t be, do or have what you want. Do we know why YOU don’t think you can? Our opinions about others reflect our opinions of ourselves. The universe is giving you a roadmap to everything you want. It’s your ego that’s standing in your way.

Your ego speaks from your memories of your human life: the bitterness, the pain you’ve been through, the hurt you’ve felt, the disappointments and the losses. Your emotions speak from your heart and soul. Your ego gets defensive and gives you reasons for the decisions you’ve made, for the logic you’ve used so far. It reminds you of all those times that Law of Attraction has brought you the same heartache because you didn’t listen before.

You could focus on everything going wrong or you could focus on anything going right. That choice is yours to make.

You’ve been thinking from a place of fear and lack all your life. Re-programming is gonna take time and effort. It won’t happen overnight so as we do it daily, we build new habits that generate the momentum you want in the direction you want.

Who/What stresses you out?

Why do you allow it? Now go back to a time that it didn’t stress you out. What changed? What’s your story? How can we change that story from defeating to empowering? How can we find gratitude in that story?

Thinking from a place of fear or lack attracts more of what is unwanted. What you fear, you’ll eventually face, in one way or another. What you are lacking in your life will remain scarce as long as you believe there’s not enough to go around.

Do you believe that the rich get rich only as the poor get poorer? Your subconscious will continue to sabotage because you don’t want to victimize “the poor”. The poor get poorer because they don’t believe they will ever be rich. People are where they are because they have their own story to tell. What does that have to do with you?

What if you looked at it from a different point of view? What if you stop worrying about “poor people” and focused on YOU? What if you start noticing the Law of Attraction at work? When you’re with these people what do you talk about? What is the focus? How many bills are late this month? All the things you can’t afford?

You’re constantly reminding yourself how poor you are, so the Universe keeps reminding you too.

That’s what you’re attracting.

What if you told yourself that there’s an abundance of money? What if you started hanging around with people who have lots of money and started learning what they do? How do they spend their time? What do they talk about? How do you become part of THAT club? Find the people who resonate with you and learn what you can.

What if, instead of thinking all the good ones are taken or there are no good men/women left in the world, you considered that the right one hasn’t found you yet?

When that right person comes along, are you ready for them? When you love someone that much, you’re of the opinion that they deserve the best, right? Are you worthy of them yet? You’re attracting people worthy of the person you see yourself as now. If that’s not who you want to attract, then step up your game. Be the person worthy of the person you want to attract.

Are you focused on the lack of love out there? Are you focused on all that you’ve lost?

What you focus on is what grows. Are you focused on love and abundance or fear and lack? Essentially, those are your options. This is your choice to make.

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