Fear of Failure

Having Trouble Relaxing?

It feels like you’re afraid of everything. You wish you could just relax and enjoy life and the adventures that come your way. Opportunities come your way and you know you’re gonna regret turning them down, but you do anyway……and you look back now and, as you predicted, you regret the things you have not tried, as well as the things you’ve tried and failed.

Feeling Left Out?

Your friends are always talking about the adventures they have. Someone made a ton of money by risking some money and by allowing themselves to be emotionally vulnerable. That could’ve been you, but you got in your own way again, right?

Want to Take a Risk?

What kind of return would be worth taking a risk for? What risks do you wish you could take? Financial, career, business, love, adventure?

Looking for an Opportunity?

What opportunities have you passed up on? What have you miss out on? What chances do you wish you would’ve taken? Is it too late now? Did you miss your window of opportunity?

It feels like you live in regret. Maybe those regrets make you act recklessly today. Do you take too many chances and keep losing? Does it feel like you have the worst of luck?

What if …?

We’re taught to always have a backup plan in case plans fall through. What if this fails, we create a Plan B? We are prepared to fail, we expect to fail, therefore we manifest our failures. Have you manifested a lot of failures? What if you were that powerful at creating success?

Power is power. Here you will learn to use your powers for good, your own good. You’ll learn how to put your own welfare, success and feelings above all others without apology.

Want to Learn New Things?

Learn how your past affects you today and what you could do to turn your luck around right now!


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