Dream Bigger!

Dream Bigger!!

We’re trained to contain our dreams inside of a box that is sided only by our own limitations.

You say you want certain things so your life will feel better:

  • A better job
  • Kids that listen
  • A loving relationship
  • Money in the bank with no bills
  • A business of your own
  • A dream house, or
  • A dream car

There is so much more out there for you and, right now, you don’t even know the possibilities.

Consciously, you dream of what you’ve been taught to dream of. Advertising, marketing, what “other people” want for you… why do YOU want what you want though?

We’ll look at why you want what you want. Who or what has had influence on you? Who convinced you to want that? Why do they have such influence over you? What makes what they want for you more important than what YOU want for you?

You want what you want. Make no apologies for what you want!

You’ve spent an entire lifetime, realizing out what you don’t want. What you want is the feeling that goes along with whatever you want.

Whether it’s freedom, status, feeling successful or just plain joy, why do you want what you want?

Subconsciously, you have fears and anxieties that keep you inside that box. Fear of success or failure, fear of judgment, fear of disapproval, regret or resentment. You second-guess yourself on every decision you make, don’t you?

You question who to trust because you don’t trust yourself. After all, how many times do you feel like you screwed up your life (or a part of it) because of a decision you made when you were not in a good frame of mind?

Now That We Know, Now What?

We’ll look at those fears and determine where those fears came from.

In your subconscious is where all your memories are stored. All those times that you’ve been hurt or disappointed, or even got mad… or wish you would have [gotten mad]. We’ll process all those negative emotions by looking at them from a whole new perspective.

Your past is your past. It’s what made you who you are today. Any shame you feel has been programmed into you. Again, make no apologies for being who you are!

What to Expect

You’ll find peace in your heart that you never realized was there. Learn to love all of you! Past, present and future.

You’ll find a window to your soul, learn its language and learn to be your own best friend. You will never be lonely again!

Learn how to be your own cheerleader and mean what you say to yourself. Learn to hold yourself accountable for your own emotions because, now, you understand them. Learn how to trust your gut instincts without questioning your own every move.

Learn how to love yourself and the and the life you’re creating!

Will you allow me to help you find YOU?

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