Do You Feel Lucky?

 Do You Feel Lucky?

I was afraid to be selfish. Now I teach HOW to be selfish.

How to want what you want, love what and who you love, do what makes you happy and unapologetically, BE who you want to be!

You want to be rich? Let’s get rich!

You want to be the best version of yourself? Let’s find out who that is!

You want to share the love and passion that overflows in your heart? Let’s shift your energy to attract the people you want in your life and the experiences you can’t wait to have!

Nobody has ever found their happy ending by having a miserable journey. During the journey, it felt like the hardest time of your life. You wondered what you did to deserve whatever happened to you. You prayed for something different.

Prayer is when we ask. What I teach is how to receive the answers to those prayers.

How many regrets do you have? Do you wish you would’ve done something differently, made different decisions, lived life differently than you have?



How many times have opportunities presented themselves, but you weren’t ready?

  • You met the love of your life, but the timing wasn’t right, or you just couldn’t make it work
  • You could have started your own business, but were too scared to leave the security of having a steady paycheck
  • You couldn’t grab hold of opportunities because you stood in your own way: fear of failure, grief of loss, depression, anxiety, or other diagnoses

How much time and energy have you invested in preparing yourself, but the opportunities just don’t come:

  • You incurred student loan debt, but the promised job (and paycheck) never came
  • You’ve dated people in hopes that this could be the one, then stayed in the relationship long after you knew it wasn’t what you wanted.
  • You’ve spent years in jobs to build up enough Social Security or pension so you can have a decent retirement, when (and IF, as I thought) you finally get to that age. Now it feels like years wasted.
  • Stressed through the growing years of your kids’ lives, wishing you now had a better relationship with them.

The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is the answer you’ve been looking for. Law of Attraction could be called luck. Does your luck run as good luck or bad luck?

How ‘bout it: Do you feel lucky?

Today could be the day that changes the rest of your life!


Understand Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction, like gravity, is a Universal Law that just is. Whether you believe in it or not, whether you understand it or not, it just IS.

Just because you don’t understand gravity or how it works doesn’t mean you’re going to float away and fall up. Babies don’t know what gravity is. They don’t fall up as they’re learning to walk.

Gravity still applies to you. Athletes, astronauts, even health gurus benefit from understanding it. Gravity affects weight. When you work out, you strengthen your core to lower your “center of gravity”. You can manipulate it and defeat the odds.

Law of Attraction works with the energy that YOU generate. What if I don’t have any energy? What if being exhausted is one of my problems? (Having no energy)

Everything is energy. Everything we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel is energy.

Notice that there are 6 there. The first 5 are our physical senses, then comes the one we’re talking about. The 5th one (touch) is texture. The 6th sense is how we feel emotionally.

We’ve heard about 6th sense, like ESP, intuition, gut feelings, the unexplainable. It’s our 6th sense that we are taught to ignore. We learn in school that we have 5 senses, but the 6th sense is the one that matters.

Call it what you want: God, Universe, Source, Your Soul. It’s who you pray to. It’s who you ask.

People have feared the 6th sense throughout time because they don’t understand it. We know that all the other senses are interpretations, subject to each person’s opinion. You may love or appreciate how something looks, sounds, tastes, smells or feels to the touch, or it may not appeal to you. Something that smells heavenly to one person may stink to someone else. Different people like different foods (tastes) or different music (sounds).

What matters to Law of Attraction is not what’s going on in your life. It’s how you’re responding to it. It’s the emotions attached to it that matter. You don’t have to like everything that comes to you in your life, but what IS required to take advantage of Law of Attraction is to accept and admit (if only to yourself) what you don’t like and move it away from your energy. Notice what you DO like and move towards that instead.

Who YOU Are

You ARE your ideas and opinions. You would not have these opinions if you hadn’t lived the life that you’ve lived so far. If you hadn’t lived these experiences.

  • I would not feel so strongly about being a parent if I’d had parents who I felt knew what they were doing.
  • I would not be as rebellious as I am, had I been given the freedom to discover for myself what I want/don’t want, like/don’t like.
  • I would not feel so strongly about how people are treated in relationships had I not gone through the challenging relationships I’d been in.
  • I would not feel so strongly about working for someone else had I learned more about how cash flow works, instead of having to take a job and work for someone else to pay my bills when I needed money to take care of my kids and myself.

I was a victim of bullying.

I was a victim of child abuse.

I was a victim of rape.

I was a victim of the economy.

I was a victim of my diagnoses.

I was a victim of narcissism.

I was a victim of “love”

I was a victim of addiction

I was a victim of circumstance.

I felt like a victim; therefore, I held the energy of a victim…. Therefore, I attracted more opportunities to feel like a victim.

YOU and Law of Attraction

When I first heard of Law of Attraction, I determined it was NOT my friend. Every time something awful would happen, it would happen again and again. One loss led to another loss. One regret turned into a handful of regrets. One mistake turned into a great big mess. If not to me, then I’d hear about it happening to others. The experiences I’d had were influencing what was going on in my life.

I tried to get over “being a victim” by not allowing certain situations into my life. I didn’t want to get hurt again, so I gave up on love. I didn’t want to go broke, so I eliminated costs by cutting out the things I enjoyed most. I cut costs where I shouldn’t have and took on financial responsibilities that weren’t mine to own. I stayed away from certain people because I was afraid of how they could hurt me, physically, emotionally or financially, or even influence me (convince me to do what’s not in my best interest).

I was living in a state of fear. I was afraid of everything. I would put myself in situations to convince myself how brave I was. I’d take jobs I hated because they paid well. I’d take dares to make it fun. I’d fall for anything, from anyone, because I, so badly, wanted to have faith in people. I’d enter relationships with people because, “What if this is my last chance at love?” “Maybe something will change or I’m being too picky”.

Momentum in the Direction of What You Want

The way it works is this: What you focus on grows

Your beliefs come from your emotions. How do you feel about the experiences you’ve had? Do you believe you’re lucky or unlucky? Which do you believe is more likely to happen? Good things or bad things? Do you believe you are worthy of the love you seek…. Or even the love you get? Do you feel worthy of the money or lifestyle you’d like to have? Do you take credit for the life you have, or do you give all the credit away being thankful to others for their generosity or maybe even charity?

Let’s use a ceiling fan as a metaphor. It blows air directly on you or it pulls air away from you to circulate it. Which feels better for you? If you want to change its direction, it must slow down in the direction it’s going before it can start moving in the other direction.

Are you happy with the direction of your flow or are you wanting to change its direction?

You could call it luck. Do you feel like you have good luck or bad luck? Do you feel like you get more of what you want in life or what you don’t want?

Your energy flow is either positive (what you want) or negative (what you don’t want). There is no good/bad or right/wrong. YOU decide what’s positive or negative.

Everything you currently perceive to be negative has taught you who you are. You’ve learned valuable lessons. Some you learned right away. Others took some time, trials, and heartache to learn the valuable lessons.

As you realize the reasons that you’ve been through what you’ve been through, make peace with decisions you’ve made and forgive yourself for what you thought were mistakes, your luck changes.

It’s the emotions that we hold onto and attract. No matter what words we say, it’s our beliefs that matter.

Some people try to convince themselves and/or others to feel differently than they do. They might say they’re happy about something, but really, they’re scared to death. They might say they’re rich thinking that if they say it enough, they can convince themselves that money doesn’t matter to them. They try to remain optimistic that, one day, they’ll find the love they long for, but they don’t know what they should be doing in the meantime. Should they lower or raise their standards? Should they be more selective or less selective? Will they recognize it when it comes to find them?

Little do they know they are standing in their own way from finding the very thing they seek. Their intention is to stay positive, but the inner work is what’s missing.

The inner work is admitting the doubts you’ve had. Facing fears, letting go of emotional baggage and learning how to get on with the life you intend to have. It’s learning how to have faith in yourself by not just accepting but appreciating the contrast you’ve lived up to this point in your life.

The contrast is the tough stuff. The stuff you don’t like to talk about. The stuff that gets a reaction out of you. The harder it is for you to talk about it, the more of an impact it can make in your life once you make peace with it.

Enjoy the Ride

Now that you have some understanding of Law of Attraction, who you are and how you’ve attracted the life you’ve had so far, you can create different habits of thinking, a different energy pattern and watch what comes into your existence.

I’m no longer a victim. I am empowered.

I no longer think from scarcity. I live in abundance. I have everything I need and most of what I want. I love watching life unfold. Life feels different today than it did not so long ago.

I understand why I procrastinate. I act on inspiration rather than react to life. I own my emotions and allow myself to be all that I am.

I live a life that, at one time, I thought I needed permission to live.

I spend my time preparing for a better tomorrow. Every day is better than the day before.

Time feels like an illusion.

Predictions become memories. What I once thought were wishes have now become cherished memories. What I once thought were horrible memories have become predictions of what I know is to come. Remembering how broke I’ve been reminds me how much money is in store for me. Remembering how lonely I once was reminds me of how deserving and attractive I am. Knowing what I know about how I attract, I know how to receive the love that comes to me.

Money shows up to afford the life I want.

The first time I consciously manifested a large sum of money, it was for $100,000. I sold my house, paid all my bills, absolved myself of all debt I had ever acquired. My kids were of age, and I released my responsibility to financially care for them. I can’t even explain the freedom that came from that, as well as so much more that happened as a result of that whole segment of my life.

While that was being set up, I attracted the love of my life back into my life (long story), fell in love again and forgot to worry about my financial “problems”. Everything worked out perfectly in the end. Now we’re living the net chapter together and loving the ride.

I make friends everywhere I go.

We have traveled across the US, lived in and traveled through places we could not even have dreamed of. We’ve met amazing people, made contacts and colleagues as we live our lives.

Talking to people across all sides of the globe, I love living in the future and I love meeting the friends face-to-face that we’ve only known so far online.

I learn more every day about myself, the people I care about and the life I live.

I’ve learned more from my clients than I could possibly teach, but I try. Words don’t teach, only life experience does. I find examples of how the Universe works and spread more of what I learned. Everything makes sense to me, whether I look at my life or yours. I want to share that insight with you. Offer you a different perspective into your own experiences.

I know how to recognize the signs when my energy is off. I know how to realign.

I’ve learned what I’ve learned from the life I have lived.

Life is a game. I know the rules. I know the objective. Most importantly, I know how to play the game and WIN!

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