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My time is precious to me. I know yours is as well.

My intention for this call is to find out if and how I can best guide you along the journey that is YOUR life.

I used to offer a free strategy session. Now I ask for $25. 

This will either be credited to your account or $20 will be refunded after we talk if we decide not to move forward together. I understand the concept of investing time, energy, and money in myself toward my emotional nd spiritual growth, and trust that Yael will help me make the decision that is right for me.

Of course, I’m happy to reschedule if something comes up or keep it if you cancel or don’t show up. (Life happens. I understand priorities. I set time aside for this. I ask that you do too.)

Why I Charge to Book a Call with Me

"The World I See Begins With Me"
A Video Poem by Yael