Career Burn-Out

Feeling Disposable?

You’ve worked your ass off to get to where you are today, but do they notice you at work? Are you feeling disposable? Are you worried about losing your job or being stuck doing this for the rest of your life?

Earning Your Worth?

Do you feel like your time is accurately valued by your employer? Your time is worth so much more than your boss thinks it is. Your boss pays you for the parts of you that they need for the hours that they those skills in place. There’s so much more to you than what your boss needs you for?

Are Your Energies Aligned with Your Employer?

You have different goals for your “job” than what your employer has in mind. The company’s goal is to be the customer’s go-to when they’re willing to spend money to solve a problem. Your goal is more about helping them resolve their problems. It’s not about the money for you.

Valuing Your Own Time and Energy?

Are you valuing your own time and energy? How much time is spent proving your competence and loyalty over helping your client solve their problems or hearing out what their problems are?

Rather Be Doing Something Else?

What would you rather be doing? What would you be doing with your time if money wasn’t an issue? How could you earn a living doing that?

Want to Make a Change?

What would your day look like? Who would pay you for that? How could you earn a living doing what you want to do or what you know makes you shine?

Take a Break, Talk to Me

Let’s talk about possibilities. Let’s look at what options you have. What could you be doing with your time that could earn more money for you, that would allow you the freedom you long for? What would it take to get you closer? What’s stopping you? Let’s challenge that!


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